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Hello…. It’s me…

Well, I really had to do this! I mean, who doesn’t like Hello, by the amazing Adele???




My name is Daniela, I’m a portuguese reader, and I’m 18 years old! I’m a college student; my degree is Portuguese and English Studies, which means I’m learning about Portuguese Literature and English Literature, as well as Portuguese Culture and English Culture. I’m really excited about this degree!

I’m, of course, an avid bibliphile. However, this is my first year as a college student, which means I haven’t been reading many books lately… Only the ones I need to read for college, and all of them are portuguese, so I won’t talk about them here.
I LOVE YA, especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I do like Contemporaries, but I could live without them, you know? I mean, I do have some Contemporaries that I love, like Hopeless (Colleen Hoover) and John Green’s books. But it’s not a genre that makes me say “OMG, CONTEMPORARIES ARE MAGNIFICENT!”
I don’t think I like Thrillers, although i really enjoyed reading Gone Girl,ย by Gillian Flynn. I also like Historical books, like the ones that happen during the World Wars.



I am also a FANGIRL, of course!!! My life would be so weird without my fangirl heart! Of course, I fangirl about books, like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments (I have only read the first 3 books, but I’ll read the other 3 this Christmas!), and others.
I also fangirl a lot when it comes to TV shows. For example, I’m a Whovian (Doctor Who), Sherlockian (man, I love BBC’s Sherlock. I mean, Benedict Cumberbatch is BRILLIANT). I love The Walking Dead as well, Quantico, Castle, Criminal Minds, and others.
I recently became a Star Wars fan!!! But I’ve only watched Episodes IV and V… BUt I’ll watch the others soon!




Well, I don’t know what else I should say. Make sure you follow me on Instagramย and Twitter!

I hope you like my blog!

See yaaaaaa!!!




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