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The Opposite Books Tag: Number 2

2. A cheap book and an expensive book

When I compare book prices, I get sad that portuguese prices are really high compared to the US ones. Actually, I’ll start buying on Book Depository, which means that I will only buy portuguese books if they were really written by portuguese writers.

Stupid things happen here in Portugal. For example, publishers love to split books in two. The first half costs the same as the second half. Imagine if you paid 20 dolars for the first half, and 20 dolars for the second half. Yes, THIS HAPPENS IN MY COUNTRY! They do this for George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones! I only have his first book (of course, this means I have two books, two halfs) because they are freaking expensive here! My wallet can’t handle those stupid price tags… So, for now on, I’ll buy english books on Book Depository.




Well, after this rambling, let me tell you one of the cheapest books I have on my bookshelf: Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë. This is not really the cheapest book I have because I have portuguese novels that cost, like, 1 euro (1€) each (I bought them on sale, of course), but I’m not here to talk about portuguese books.

I paid almost 8€ for Jane Eyre, which is something like 8$. This is on my TBR pile, although I bought it this summer. Yup, I should have read it already, but I had other books to read. I hope I like, tho!


Sorry for the bad quality, but it’s almost 9pm here and the lightning is already bad… Ughhh.



And the most expensive book is the portuguese edition of The Host, by Stephenie Meyer. It cost 18.90€ , which, in american dollars, is 20.12$. I really enjoyed this book and I would like to read the sequel, if Meyer ever writes it… It seems she prefers to gender-swap her books…



But if you’re looking for a book with aliens and complicated relationships (I mean, we don’t have a love triangle here. It’s something like a square, maybe?), this can be a good read for you! And I guess it’s way better than Twilight. Despite the fact I only read Breaking Dawn (which I hated), I do believe Twilight isn’t as brilliant as The Host. So, Stephenie, WHERE IS THE DAMN SEQUEL FOR THE HOST????





Well, that’s it for today! Have a nice Sunday, everyone! I also wish you a good week! Byeeee!


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