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The Opposite Books Tag: Number 4

4. A book you read fast and one that took you a long time to read



Actually, I’m a slow reader because I prefer to take time and appreciate the plot and the characters. But, when I first read Divergent, I think I took 2, 3 days to read it. I usually take, like, 4 or 5 days. In a busy time, I take a whole week to read a book. If I’m busy and the book is boring, I take 2 weeks (that’s the time I take when I read something for college, by the way hahahahah, Unless if I have to read it really fast to talk about it in class…). I have read Divergent 3 times, so you can see that it’s my favorite book in the whole trilogy. Veronica Roth, you ROCK!

The portuguese edition of Divergent. I’m really glad that they kept the original cover.


Now, a slow read…


giphy (2)


Definitely Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer… I took ONE FREAKING MONTH to read this terrible book… I have never read the other Twilight books, and thank God I didn’t make that mistake. The last book was enough… The story is just awful.
For those who are asking, yes, I only bought the fourth book because, in that time, I thought that watching the movies was enough. I bought the fourth one before Breaking Dawn-Part 1 came out… One of the worst bookish mistake I have ever done in my life…

At least, the covers are pretty. Simple, but pretty.


I’ll post a different tag soon! This time, I was really tagged by someone else! i don’t know if I’ll post today, but if I don’t, you can read it tomorrow!
See ya!


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