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The Opposite Books Tag: Number 6

6. A national book and an international book




One of the most famous portuguese writers is José Saramago. He won the Literature Nobel in 1998 (“who with parables sustained by imagination, compassion and irony continually enables us once again to apprehend an elusory reality”- according to Nobel Prizes’ website)
I have only read one book, which is the one below. I had to read it for my last year at highschool because we had to talk about it in Portuguese classes. I thought I wouldn’t like it, but it was a really interesting read! I hope I read his other books sometime!

There is an american edition, and the title is Baltasar and Blimunda.

Of course, I have the portuguese edition. In Portuguese, it’s already a complicated book, imagine in english…


For an international book, I chose Throne of Glass, by Sarah J. Maas because I have seen so many international editions of it!
This book is the first one in the Throne of Glass series. It already has four published books, and there are still to be published two books, according to Goodreads. The fourth book, Queen of Shadows, was published in September 2015.
I haven’t read this Fantasy book, but there are SO MANY good reviews about this story! So, I really cannot wait to read it!




Throne of Glass was published in Portugal last month. Actually, I bought the Portuguese edition, even though I already have the one above. Sorry… NOT SORRY! **


6 thoughts on “The Opposite Books Tag: Number 6

  1. I have never read O Memorial do Convento. I tried because I needed for school too but I wasn’t liking it so I never finished. I was lucky because it wasn’t in the exam 😛 . The only one I really liked was Os Maias. I loved that book and it’s actually the book that made me start reading 🙂


    1. Well, of course there were times, while reading Memorial, that I was like “Ugh, I just want to finish this!”. But I did enjoy it! Kind of ahahah.
      Os Maias… Well, I liked it too, but I’m not really a fan of Realism (I do love Realism poetry, tho!)

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    1. O Memorial do Convento is not as bad as many people say. I kind of enjoy it. Of course that, sometimes, it’s a little bit boring, but I think there are worse books :p
      I really can’t wait to read Throne of Glass! I actually have the US edition (purple cover), but I decided to buy the Portuguese edition because it looks amazing! I think I’ll read it in Portuguese first 😀

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      1. My friend has read it and she didn’t really like it, said it was boring and complicated, but idk I’ll wait and see 🙂 I have the uk editions of all of the books which look the same has the Portuguese edition 😀

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      2. Well, of course that, at first, you will find it weird because of Saramago’s writing style, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. For example, I really liked one of the main characters, Blimunda. And the plot is interesting.
        The UK editions are so pretty! **

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