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The Opposite Books Tag: Number 7

7. A thin book and a thick book


I really don’t know what kind of gifs I could post in this case, so I decided to psot a Sherlock gif because SHERLOCK IS AMAZING!


For a thin book, I chose a Portuguese play: Felizmente Há Luar, by Luís de Sttau Monteiro, has 140 pages. I read it this year, before summer, because I had to study about it for school. It was a good read, but I thought it wasn’t as amazing as I expected it to be. Anyway, it was good enough.


The English title could be something like: Fortunately, There is Moonlight!



For a thick book, I chose thickiest one, I guess. The Portuguese edition of Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer, has 700 pages. And no, I didn’t like this book… Maybe because I didn’t read the other books. Or maybe not. The plot is ridiculous. Sorry for those who love it. I know many people love this series, but this wasn’t my cup of tea…


7 - Cópia
You know when you wished you could unread some books? Yeah, I feel that about this one.



By the way, I hope you had a nice Black Friday (if you had it in your country). Here, in Portugal, we kind of had it, but I just didn’t like the sale prices… I mean, there were so many book that were like “10% off” or “20% off”… I didn’t buy books… But, the thing is, the “Black Friday” will last until Sunday here! So, maybe I’ll buy a book. Who knows?

Hey again, Benedict? 😉

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