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The Opposite Books Tag: Number 9

9. A way too romantic book and an action book

For a too romantic book, you probably were expecting a Nicholas Sparks book, or a Contemporary YA novel. However, this shitty book, The Tiger’s Curse, by Colleen Houck, is too romantic for me. And, actually, the ships here are so damn stupid. By the way, everything about this book is stupid. Thank God I only paid half of its price… Anyway, it was a waste of money.
I felt betrayed because the cover is GORGEOUS, and the synopsis seemed so cool. I mean, I’ve never heard  much about Indian mythology. But where’s the mythology in this stupid book? NOWHERE! The author just wanted an easy way to say that the main female character (who is freaking stupid, by the way) is some kind of “chosen one” who has to safe a very attractive guy (who is also an idiot), but then she kind of falls in love for another guy too (who is the first guy’s brother, but I think he isn’t as stupid as the other characthers). No. Please. Don’t.
This book is terrible…. I can’t believe this has so much hype… So, yes, it’s a VERY overhyped book. There are other books that deserve more attention than this one. I can’t even, honestly. There aren’t enough words to express my hatred for this book.

By the way, it seems Colleen Houck has another book series… This time it’s about Egyptian mythology. Really? She wants to ruin Egyptian Gods too? Ughhhhh…

9 - Cópia
I love the cover, but the plot is so stupid.

Now, to make this post look better, the action book I chose is Endgame-The Calling, by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton. Now, THIS IS AN AWESOME BOOK!
While I was reading it, it felt like I wast watching a movie in my head. Seriously, the writing is simple and fantastic, the plot is so interesting, amazing and full of mysterys and awesome characters. It’s such a pity that this doesn’t have much hype… Yeah, the freaking Colleen Houck’s books are so damn hyped, but people don’t read Endgame? I just don’t understand, really…
By the way, on Goodreads, many people said that Endgame is another of The Hunger Games story. They said that ONLY because there are young people and it’s about some kind of game. Those are the only similarities. trust me. Now, if people say it’s like THG, but they say that because it’s freaking awesome, you can believe in them. This book is really great. READ IT!

The second book already got published here in Portugal. I MUST HAVE IT!!!!

Have a GREAT week, guys!




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