December TBR!!!

November was such a bad month for reading… I only read ONE book (it was for college; by the way, there are still missing 50 pages…. May the odds be ever in my favor…) and do you know how many books I bought this month? ZERO! Yup… Zero…


Anyway, today is the first day of December. Oh, December, you are such a wonderful month!
The first semester of college is almost over and I CANNOT WAIT to read the books I have on my TBR pile! I mean, I think I have more than 20 books! Oh, yessssssssssss!
You are probably thinking: “Wow, will you have time to read all of them before 2nd semester?” Well, the answer is “Yes” because I’ll have 2 months without college! HELL YEAHHHHHHHHH!

So, yup, I’ll read all those books!

Here are some of them:

These books are classics. Some are Portuguese classics, others are English, and there’s an American classic, and a French one too. Pretty excited about this pile!



The other pile has Fantasy books, as well as Dystopian books. There are also 3 YA contemporaries that I want to read (I have read Hopeless, and I don’t know why it’s in this TBR pile):


For December, I want to read, at least, these books:



Yup, I do hope that December is a better month for books than November… November was horrible….


Bye, bye, November! Helloooooooooooo, December!!!



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