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Dashing Through The Snow Book TAG!

While I don’t post a review about Losing Hope, by Colleen Hoover (there are only 24 pages left, but it got so emotional and I’m not ready to finish it! OH, THE FEELS!), here’s a book tag!!!

I was tagged by Ariana @TheQuirkyBookNerd to do the Dashing Through the Snow book tag! Thank you, Ariana!

Also, I want to thank Astra @AStrangersGuideToNovels for creating such a fantastic tag!

While I was at college (oh, yeah, today was the last day of college! I will only come back there in February! Bye, college!), I saw many bloggers doing this book tag and I think it’s a pretty cool one! So, yes, I’m excited about this!

Here are the rules:


Let’s go, 10! Let’s do this!!!


1. Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree.


Oh, well, one will definitely be there because my mother said she would buy it. I bet you know what book I’m talking about:


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

YESSSS! My mom is going to give me this magical book (PUNNNNNN)! Actually, she is going to buy the portuguese edition, and I don’t mind! I just want this book somehow! AND I WILL GET IT!!!! SOON!!!!


But there are other books I would like to get this Christmas, but I don’t think I will have them…

I have heard/read so many good things about The Lunar Chronicles, so I would like to get, at least, Cinder and Scarlet! Well, who know?


The Raven Boys
I have also heard/read amazing things about The Raven Boys series! Can I get, at least, the first book, please????

Of course there are other books that I would like to get this Christmas, but, like any bookworm, my list has no end!


2. A book you’ll be reading during the Christmas season.


A book? AHAHAHHAHA! I know I have posted this photo when I created this blog, but this is pretty much the books I will read until 31st December!


3. Favourite Christmas movie.

HARRY POTTER MOVIESSSSSSS! But, if you are talking about movies that take place during Christmas time, I have to say that I really enjoy Home Alone.



4. Do you like snow?

I have never really seen/touched snow because I live in a place where it’s impossible to have snow… Yup… But I think I would like it!



5. Name a character you would like to spend your Christmas day with.


Really? Only one??? I don’t know…
Can I have Dean Holder for Christmas??? I bet I would like to spend Christmas day with him! *heart eyes*

Colton Haynes is definitely my fancast for Dean Holder! OMG! *-*


6. To give or to receive?


I suck at giving presents, although I do like to see people smile when I give them something. So, I have to say “to receive”. Money and/or books= Happy Daniela!

7. What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at?






8. Fondest Christmas memory?


Probably when I got my piano when I was 13/14. I even cried! It’s sad that I don’t play piano anymore… Maybe I’ll play a bit in this Winter break!


9. Can you say Christmas tree then times FAST in a row (pronouncing it correctly!)?


OMG! I CAN’T! I’m a mess!
I only said it right twice! Amazing…


Now, I tag:


Mariana @fireheartbooks

Giovanna @bookcomablog

Jackie @fallinginlovewiththesoundofwords


Even if I didn’t tag you, you can still do it!!! Just tag me in your post, so that I can read what you did!


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