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Review: Losing Hope, by Colleen Hoover (Hopeless #2)

Yayyyy! This is the first Review I post here! And thank God it happened with this book because OMG, COLLEEN HOOVER! YOU DID IT AGAIN! YOU BROKE MY HEART AGAIN! CONGRATULATIONS FOR RUINING MY LIFE ONCE AGAIN!






A ler...
I read it in Portuguese, so here’s the Portuguese cover.


(By the way, what do you think about the Portuguese cover?)




This is the second time I read a Colleen Hoover novel and, once again, she left me in shock. I just fell in love even harder with her fascinanting writing. I think this book is as good as Hopeless, which is the same story but told by Sky, the other main character. I can say that the first book is sadder and more tragic than this one, but Losing Hope is also intense. These books are not to be read lightly. They are both about harsh and unhappy childhoods and they are full of strong and deep emotions. There are sad moments, but also happy moments There are moments of pain, there are moments of joy. I will not talk about the plot because; however, I can say that the plot is an authentic roller coaster, raw and intense.

Writing: It’s amazing how the author easily shocks us, makes us cry, makes us laugh and sometimes all in one chapter. It is also magnificent how Colleen Hoover talks about such strong and complicated issues in a simple and, in a way, pure language. We go through in times of loss and grief in a very real way, but there are these fantastic, lovely moments that are described in such a beautiful way! Oh, Colleen, MY HEART, FOR GOD’S SAKE!

200_s (1)

Characters: I think I started to like them even more thanks to this book. My compassion for Sky grew. I loved seeing her  and understanding her through Holder’s eyes. Also I found fascinating this different side of him, because in the first book we see his romantic and rebellious side, but with his perspective we realize that he is also flawed. Sometimes he did not control his anger and his pain. Sometimes he did not accept other’s decisions. However, it was very nice to see him become a better person and he is the proof that love and hope can make a difference. These characters are very real and were very well built. The secondary characters in this second book, were not as well developed as in the first book, but Hoover knew how to fit them properly in Holder’s vision.

Oh, Colton Haynes… You would be perfect as Holder! *heart eyes*
I think Georgie Henley would be good as Sky. Of course that she would have to wear brown eye contacts, but I think she would do a nice job as Sky!

To sum up, I can only say that, although this review is somewhat far-fetched and has no decent details about the story, I loved the book and I am getting even more impressed with Colleen Hoover. There is also another book published here in Portugal,which is Ugly Love, a New-Adult novel. I think it would be a great Christmas gift for me!

Anyway, I think you should read Losing Hope, specially if you love YA Contemporaries and if you want a story filled with deep emotions and engaging characters, real and full of flaws, whose devastating and intense experiences are described beautifully thanks to Colleen Hoover’s amazing and fluid writing.

P.S- I think you should read Hopeless first, which is also magnificent and intense!

So, if you have read this book, did you like it?
What do you think about this review?
I hope you liked my review! BYEEEE!


Losing Hope (Hopeless, #2)

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