Sunday Song

Sunday Song #10

Helloooooo, bookish people! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I wish this new week is good for you!

For today, I chose another Halsey’s song because GODDAMNIT, SHE IS FREAKING BRILLIANT! *o*

By the way, if you listen to her music, don’t you feel that you could write an awesome book thanks to her lyrics? I mean, whenever I listen to “Castle”, I kind of make a story in my head, and then I wish I could write it somewhere, but then I feel that I’m not ready to be a writer because I’m too lazyyyyyyy…. Yup.. *shame on me*.
Anyway, her music inspires me to create fantastic stories and I love when this kind of thing happens!

Once again, have a good week!

P.S- This Saturday was my birthday party because I couldn’t have a party on 19th January (which was in fact my bday!). So, yesterday, I got 2 books, lots of money (for books, obviously) and I already bought one! I’ll write a book haul post tomorrow!


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