February TBR

Okay, so I’ve told you that January was an EPIC FAIL because I wanted to read, like, 7 books, but I only read 3. Good job, Daniela.


Why was I so lazy in January????

I should have read all the books I wanted to read in January because soon… COLLEGE STARTS AGAIN AND OMG, THE PAIN!


Well, it’s starts on 11th February, which means that I still have time to read. Also, I don’t think February is going to be a busy month in terms of college stuff (assignments and exams) because I have, in total, 5 subjects, and 3 of them are totally new in this new semester, so, I hope that nothing bad happens this month. By bad, I mean WORK.

Anyway, here’s my February TBR:


I should have those Harry Potter books in January, but I didn’t… I hope I read them before college starts.

Then, there’s The Longest Ride, by Nicholas Sparks. I’m in a (Portuguese) Goodreads group. Monthly, there’s a theme and we read a book that is related to that theme. For February, the goal is to read a romantic novel or a funny book because here, in Portugal, we LOVE to celebrate Carnival. However, I chose to read a romantic book. I guess.

Finally, the other two books were both written by a Portuguese writer, valter hugo mãe. He’s from Angola, but he is a huge success here in Portugal and I think he even lives in the mainland (by the way, I live in an island; that’s why I said “mainland”). Anyway, I really want to read his two books (he has more, but I decided to read these 2) before 20th February because he’s coming to my island in that day for a session about literature and other things. I think I’m going to that session and, to ge prepared, of course I’m goint to read some of his books. In the end, there will be an autograph session and I don’t any autographed book, so HELL YEAH.

So, what about your TBR for this month?


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