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Book mail: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2), by Marissa Meyer

YESSSSSS! Do you remember that I ordered Cinder (the first book of this series) and Scarlet last month? Well, I got Cinder in the end of January and it looks beautiful! Now, I also finally got Scarlet!!!! Its cover is also so beautiful, omg! It’s a paperback, by the way! I can’t get harbacks because they are a little bit more expensive and I have to save money if I want to buy more books on Book Depository!

The bookmark is so adorable! I love it!!!! *-*

I actualy read some lines when I opened this book (to check if everything was ok) and there was one that I really loved and it’s from Thorne. I think he’s going to be one of my favorite male characters. Ops.

I actually got it on 10th February, but Β only posted this now because… well, I don’t even know. I guess that in that day I had already written 2 posts and I didn’t want to post another one because it could have been too much for just one day. But here it is!

I’m not going to post its synopsis because it has some spoilers. Not many, but I prefer to not post for those who don’t want to get spoiled. Like me. Ops.

The spoiler is not that important, but it’s about the ending of Cinder. Anyway, I just wanted to post this gif. Don’t be sad, my dear Doctor.

I really want to start Cinder soon! There are so many people that love this series and I really want to know why!


9 thoughts on “Book mail: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2), by Marissa Meyer

      1. I know ^^
        Thank God that the books I have to read for college are pretty interesting! For example, I have to read Frankenstein! I have always wanted to read it! Well, especially when I got used to read in english πŸ˜€

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