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Hey, what do you think of A Court of Mist and Fury’s excerpt?

ATTTENTION: Little spoiler of A Court of Thorns and Roses if you haven’t read it. However, I think they aren’t really that important, but I’m warning anyway.

Guyyyyyys… I just saw a post somewhere (I’m not going to tell where) that was basically about hate towards Sarah J. Maas. It was someone who read the new excerpt of A Court of Mist and Fury, the sequel of A Court of Thorns and Roses, which I freaking LOVED!!!

Before I start saying my opinion, you can read the excerpt here:

Ok, the post basically was saying that Sarah J. Maas is “once again” doing buls**t with her characters. If you read the excerpt, you can see that Feyre is kind of complaining about the fact that Tamlin doesn’t wake up after she has a nightmare. The Tumblr person said that Sarah J. Maas is turning Tamlin into a “bad guy” because of the other guy in the love triangle: Rhysand. It seems that she has done something similar to this in Throne of Glass series, but I can’t give my opinion about that since I haven’t read those books yet.

But, anyway, why are there people already hating Maas because of some lines from an excerpt? The book isn’t even out yet and they are already hating Maas for what she wrote! First of all, she IS THE WRITER, which means she can do whatever she wants to do with her characters, rather you like it or not. Writing is something creative and it belongs to only one person (ok, more than one if we’re taling about a book that was written by many people, but that’s not the point, of course).

Second, guyyssssss…. Have you forgotten that ACOTAR trilogy is all writing from Feyre’s POV? She says that Tamlin doesn’t wake up when she wakes up after a nightmare, but what if he does and she just doesn’t know because she is sleeping, for example? I mean, we all know he is a caring man. However, honestly, I think we don’t really know much about Tamlin. We all know that their relationship happened really quickly and we don’t get to see much of his personality. Actually, I think we see more of Rhysand than Tamlin. But anyway, don’t forget that this is Feyre’s POV, which means that we don’t know what the other characters are doing while she is talking about her life.
People are saying that Maas is now turning Rhysand into a good guy, while Tamlin is turning into a bad one. I mean, I’ve always thought that Rhysand isn’t really a bad person, although he has done bad things. But hasn’t Harry Potter taught you some lessons? Just because you do bad things, does it really mean you’re bad? of course I’m not giving excuses for Rhysand. I really like him and I think that he’s a very interesting character, but he really has done some bulls**t… But hey, we still don’t know much about him. It’s funny that people love to talk about toxic guys, but then if we talk about a problematic girl, you say that it’s a pitty and she just needs help? And no, don’t tell me this doesn’t happen, because I know it does. I’ve seen many people, specially on Goodreads, that want to kill a guy that has done bad stuff, but if it is a girl, we should feel pitty for her and think she needs help and love… But I’m not going to see anything else about this because manybe people are going to attack me… But aren’t we all human beings? Yes. So, why should we be judged by our gender?

Third, if you hate love triangles, fine. Of course, I accept that, after all, sometimes, I don’t like certain love triangles. But if you are going to hate Maas just because she loves to write about love triangles, read something else and stop hating her just because she writes something you don’t like. It’s childish and it’s totally against the creative process of a writer. A writer should write whatever the hell they love to write. And one thing is to criticise a writer when you talk about their writing and plot. But it’s completely different if you hate someone because they wrote something you weren’t expecting and you didn’t love. I mean, I didn’t like how Allegiant, by Veronica Roth, ended, but after a while, I started to think that she did the right choice because she followed her heart. She followed her instinct as a writer. And I applause to her and Sarah J. Maas for writing whatever the hell they want because it’s their stories.

In conclusion, one thing is to have an opinion and talk about it in a polite way, you know, without hate and being disrespectful. Another thing is to write an opinion withouth good arguments and a text full of hate. I mean, of course there are times that I don’t agree with the writer when they change something drastically. But, as someone who wants to be a writer, I understand! It’s all about what you love to write about! It’s all about sharing your stories, your creative part of your soul! It’s about being happy with what you love to do!!!

If you think that Sarah J. Maas is indeed changing her stories again, it’s fine. I respect that, but I think when someone is sharing an opinion, you have to have good arguments and it shouldn’t be hateful. For example, I do think I’m being kind of rude in this post and I’m sorry about that. I don’t mean it, really!

Ok, once again, I’m sorry if I sound rude, but I really wanted to share this. Also, GODDAMNIT! I NEED A COURT OF MIST AND FURY NOW!!!! Maybe I should pre-ordered it… I don’t know if my dad is going to like this idea ahahahah.


5 thoughts on “Hey, what do you think of A Court of Mist and Fury’s excerpt?

  1. Amen, girl! I still don’t get the whole Rhysand doing bad things to Feyre, because in my viewpoint, everything he did while she was under the mountain was because he was actually trying to save her and it was the best way he could keep an eye on her but maybe that’s just me. I’m a really big Rhysand fan haha. 🙂

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    1. I’m also a Rhysan fan, but I try not to say this because of what I explained here! I mean, I agree with you! He did the things he did to protect her like Feyre did the things she did to protect Tamlin and his people, and yet people only hate Rhysand, but not Feyre. I’m not gonna lie, I actually love Feyre, she’s such a brave young woman, but they kind of have similar paths and people hate him, but they don’t say bad things bout Feyre.

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  2. I’m not a fan of Rhysand and after reading TOG I know Sarah J. Maas is going to always be changing things up. She’s an amazing writer and I respect her decisions. They are her characters after all. I totally agree that you can’t start flinging hate at an author or a book before it’s even released!! Who knows what will happen in the rest of the book?

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