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The Book Sacrifice Tag

Ok, so, I only have book tags to answer and I love book tags! There are so many that are so creative! I have seen this one many times on Internet and I’m glad @MyTinyObsessions tagges me to answer The Book Sacrifice Tag! Thank you, Cristina

So, here we go!

  1. An over-hyped book- Situation: You’re in a store when the zombie apocalypse hits. The military informs everyone that over-hyped books are the zombies only weakness. What book that everyone else says is amazing but you disliked do you start chucking at the zombies?

    I tried to post a gif that wasn’t really disgusting, even though I LVOE THE WALKING DEAD! But I don’t know if you like this kind of thing, so I posted this gif that is actually not that bad… I guess.

    Ok, everyone says that The Tiger’s Curse, by Colleen Houck, is amazing! I mean, just go to Goodreads and you will see that there are people that give it 4 and 5 stars! However, I’m glad there are still some people that have some sense and gave it 1 or 2 stars…. Seriously, I don’t understand how people love this book… I really tried not to talk badly about a book that maybe you love and I do understand if you love it, I mean, it’s what you love and it’s none of my business… But I really didn’t like it and I think its writing is poor and the plot is boring.

    The cover is so pretty! But the story and the characters… not so much.


  2. A sequel- Situation: torrential downpour. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself?

    Hmmm…. I have no idea… Oh, wait, can I say Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer, even though I didn’t read the other books? Yeah, let’s keep that one here. I really didn’t like it.

  3. A classic- Situation: You’re in English class and your professor raves about a Classic that “transcends time”. If given the opportunity to travel back in time, which Classic would you try to stop from ever publishing?

    Oh, my… Here in Portugal, of course we have to talk about Portuguese classics, but some of them are really boring… Like the one about the Maias family! Os Maias (Portuguese title), by Eça de Queirós, has too many details and the descriptions are, well… Detailed. Too much, actually. I’m not saying Eça is a bad writer. After all, I do recognise his talent and, I mean, he is one of the greatest writers that my country has ever had! But, oh, God… This book….

  4. A least favourite book- Situation: apparently global warming = suddenly frozen wasteland. Your only hope of survival for warmth is to burn a book. Which book will you not regret lighting? 

    You mean, a book that I actually like, but not as much as other books? Ok, maybe The Maze Runner. I really enjoyed the first two books, but I haven’t read the third one. Anyway, despite the fact that I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t mind burn it to keep me warm. Althought…. I mean… Burning a book??? Poor thing…

    Portuguese edition.



So, that’s it! Now, let’s see who I tag:

Sara @FreadomLibrary



Mariana @fireheartbooks

I think I’m going to post another book tag today! See you soon!



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