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Leigh Bardugo’s fans, HERE ARE SOME GOOD NEWS!

Crooked Kingdom, by Leigh Bardugo, is the final installment of Six of Crows duology. After the success of the first book, everyone is waiting for September 27th to arrive since that’s the release date of Crooked Kingdom.

The beautiful cover was already revealed in February, but Bardugo promised yesterday that we would get more news about her books today.ย Here are the first news: the hardcover of Crooked Kingdom will feature red stained pages and new art by Keith Thompson. So, behold THE FREAKING BEAUTIFUL RED PAGES!!!!



Other news: There will be a Six of Crows boxed set that will include hardcover editions of both books.


For those who haven’t read Six of Crows, but loved the Grisha trilogy, there are also amazing news for you!

For example, there will aslo be a Grisha trilogy boxed set that will feature paperback editions of all three books. It will include a collectible poster-size map of the Grishaverse by Keith Thompson. These new paperbacks include Mal’s Letter, “The Tailor” (Genya’s POV chapter, “Demon in the Wood” (a Darkling prequel story) and lots of interviews with Leigh Bardugo.

And thank God that all of these amazing things go on sale on September 27th!

I already Six of Crows on my shelf and I have read Shadow and Bone, the first book of Grisha trilogy, and I really enjoyed! I think I would like to get that Grisha box set for Christmas. I don’t know, depens on the price.

Anyway, this are really good news!!! What do you think of this? Do you like the red paiges?



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